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A sustainable circular economy as a basic building block for a sustainable world

To ensure a sustainable world for us and the generations to come, we need a system that is based on a value chain that is as local as possible.

In the graphic, you can see how insects function as food in a circular cycle.

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Insect farming, a sustainable solution to feeding the planet

In a context of strong demographic growth, insect food could be used to meet the growing global demand for protein. Insects have very good nutritional values, especially due to their high protein, essential fatty acid and mineral concentrations. Thus, insect-based foods such as insect meal and also insect oil serve as a sustainable and natural alternative to classic meat.

Human food, a promising market in the insect industry

Processed insects in particular are appealing. For example, there are already burgers, biscuits, protein bars, chocolate and noodles with different types of insects.

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Insects also have their place in other areas, for example in cosmetics with beauty products made from insect oil.

Insects = Zero Waste heroes!

Insects love to feed on wheat bran and brewer’s grapevine. These are waste products in the flour industry.

There is also hardly any waste in the processing of insects, as insects have an edible content of 80 % (grasshoppers) to 100 % (mealworms, crickets). The legs of grasshoppers are usually removed, as they can have barbs. However, this “waste” can be used to make high-quality protein powder 😉

Insect breeding for food waste recovery

Insects are a solution for recovering food waste, an important issue because as we know, 1/3 of the food produced worldwide is never consumed. Insects can consume unsold supermarket goods, food scraps or even production waste from the food industry.

Insects as fertiliser

The by-products of insect protein production can also be recycled. One topic that is not readily discussed is that insect excreta is a good organic fertiliser with high agronomic value. This can be used in organic farming. Chitin, a material that makes up the exoskeleton of insects, can also find wide applications, from water purification to pharmaceuticals.