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Eating insects is eco-concious because so-called “food waste” can be reused as feed.

We at Essento are committed to closing local economic cycles. The available resources of our planet should be used and (re)utilized wisely.

We make sure that our breeders only use so-called side or secondary streamsfrom food production as feed. These include, for example, wheat bran from flour production, spent grains from beer production or rejected fruit and vegetables from local farms.

In other words, food that we humans can no longer use. And yet we do not have to throw them away. Used as feed for insects, it is used to produce high-quality, protein-rich food.. To us, this is absolutly eco-concious and thoughtful.

Extra bonus: The insect poo is a natural and very powerful fertiliser for plants.

Curious to learn more?Here is a report from Ciruclar Hubwhere you can read more about how insects reduce food waste.

Insects and food waste - a circular system