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Essento Protein Bars

Essento Protein Bars are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain high-quality insect protein (cricket powder, ground Acheta domesticus). Cricket powder is a natural and complete protein source (contains all 9 amino acids). Our protein bars are made to push your energy level, after or during sports or in between meals.

Our insect protein bars are available in the flavour Raw Chocolate – pure chocolate flavour with extra crunch thanks to cocoa nibs.

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  • Protein Bar – Raw Cacao | 15 Bars

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  • Protein Bar – Berry Almond | 15 Bars

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Good for You

Insects have an very interesting nutrient profile. This makes them an exciting ingredient that should not be missing in a healthy, balanced diet.

Good for the Planet

Edible insects can be farmed with very few ressources. This makes them a particularly sustainable source of protein, which can make an important contribution against climate change.

Swiss Made

Only natural ingredients, handcrafted in our factory in Zurich. Essento products are characterised by the highest quality and best taste.