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Good taste OR great nutritional values? Why decide?

STOP compromising and make the switch now!

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  • Protein Bar – Raw Cacao | 15 Bars

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  • Protein Bar – Berry Almond | 15 Bars | spare 8%

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  • Protein Bar – Berry Almond (30 Bars) | Save 10%

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  • Protein Bar – Raw Cacao (30 Bars) | Save 10%

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Put an end to dry protein bars!

Your taste buds deserve better than those old, powdery, cardboard-tasting brickets.

We’ve created two delicious varieties for you*:

  • Berry Almond: Fruity indulgence with almond pieces.
  • Raw Cacao: Pure cocoa taste with extra cacao nibs crunch.

*Independent testers think yes, our insect bars are the best on the market πŸ˜‰

Put an end to artificial protein bombs!

Your body is a temple. Treat yourself to the all-round carefree package! Our Insect Protein Bars provide you and your body with

  • high quality protein (all 9 amino acids thanks to cricket powder),
  • essential vitamin B12 (naturally abundant in cricket powder), and
  • valuable dietary fiber.
Insect Protein Riegel

Put an end to bloat!

Many protein bars are whey-based and cause bloating – pretty uncool in the gym or on hiking trips with friends. Insect protein is considered well tolerated and early studies suggest that eating insects has a positive effect on your digestion.

Put an end to protein suppliers that harm the climate!

Switch to sustainable insect protein from Europe now! Read more about the carbon footprint of insects here.