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Essento – the European insect food pioneer

Essento is the European pioneer for insect food. Essento has been active on the European market since 2013 and was the driving force in Switzerland to initiate the legislative change that led to the approval of edible insects as food.

Essento develops, produces and markets specialities made from food insects for retail and food service providers as well as for our own online shop, with the vision to create an added value for people and the environment.

Essento carries out important educational work among the population and draws attention to the topic of eating insects. In doing so, we want to drive thefood revolutionforward and make entomophagy normal in Europe.

Our core team

Christian Bärtsch

Christian Bärtsch

Founder & CEO

As the founder of Essento, Christian focuses on the strategic planning and is leading international projects.

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Melchior Füglistaller

Melchior Füglistaller

Sales & Marketing

Melchior uses his experience in the food sector to ensure transparent marketing and smooth sales at Essento.

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Marco Messmer

Marco Messmer

Product Development & Production

Marco develops and produces our delicious products. As a foodie, good taste and high quality are his top priorities.

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Franzi Westermair

Franzi Westermair

E-Commerce & Communication

Being talented in organisation Franzi pulls the strings behind our online shop and at our events and fairs. She also manages our social media channels.

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Join our food revolution!

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  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Brunner, Lecturer on consumer behaviour, HAFL
  • Michelle Grant, Managing Director World Food System Center, ETHZ
  • Patrick Zbinden, Culinary expert
  • Dirk Zwanzig, Head R&D in the food sector
  • Dr. Diego Moretti
  • Cristina Popescu

Our mile stones

10 march 2014
Insect Apéro at the Bundeshaus Bern, Switzerland

16 september 2016
Publication of the insect cookbook “Grillen, Heuschrecken & Co.”

16 december 2016
Decision to legalise insects by the Swiss Federal Council

1 may 2017
Entry into force of the legalisation of insects as food in Switzerland

21 august 2017
Market launch (CH) Essento Burger and Balls

13 november 2017
Market launch (CH) Essento Insect Bar

25 june 2018
Market launch (CH) Essento Snacks (Nuts & Insects)

4 march 2019
Market launch (CH) Essento Bio Burger and Essento Bio Balls with Swiss organic Tenebrio

30 april 2019
Market launch (CH) Essento Protein Insect Bars

18 november 2019
Market launch in Germany with Essento Insect Burger at Hans im Glück

20 april 2020
Product update of Essento Insect Burger with Swiss organic Tenebrio

22. Juni 2020
Market launch (CH) Essento Insect Snacks in 3 different flavours

23. Juni 2020
Successful crowdfunding for the market launch of the insect snacks in Germany and Austria.

10. August 2020
Launch EU online shop